Kanjo racer fined €850

Posted: 1 year ago

Over the past few days we caught up with Osaka Station’s Alex Briol who talked us through his build and his big passion for the kanjo culture; When he first bought his fourth generate generation civic his vision was clear – to make his car represent the Kanjo scene in France.

After 2 years of ownership his ’89 Honda Civic ED7 is now running a B16A1 swap with an MFactory LSD and 4.9 Final Drive. It’s also running an Autobloc System, Front 24mm Neuspeed Sway Bar, Rear 24mm ASR sway bar, INGALLS Camber Kits, Custom X-Bar, Silent Bloc reinforced and a few other mods.

Kanjo EF Civic

Apart from the modified transmission the engine is held in well with Innovative Mounts and has a few mods such as a SKUNK2 Inlet Manifold, SRS Exhaust manifold, 55mm custom straight pipe making it produce 180hp.

During his build, Alex’s passion grew to a point that he flew over to Osaka Japan to experience the Kanjo culture first hand. During his stay there he met a big part of Osaka street racers teams such as the Kanjozoku, No Good Racing, Law Break, Magunamu and 2 Mythic Garage, Mechadock Osaka and Osaka JDM. Not only that, but he managed to ride onboard with them in touge in Osaka which got him more excited to finish off his build. Alex was impressed by the tradition and the occasion to create new friendships.

Getting back to this build, his Civic is running a set of Koseï K1 wheels wrapped in Advan A048 on the front and Advan 032R’s on the back, paired with a set of Wilwood Front Brakes for additional stopping power.

Kanjo EF Civic

A Touge in Spain costed him €850

This fourth generation Honda Civic is actually Alex’s daily-driver in which he wants more track days with but as Nakai San (RWB) said: “My heart will be always racing in the streets”

Alex would especially like to give a big shoutout to Osaka Station which is his car crew which he considers as family for all the help they given throughout this build.

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