RECORD BREAKING: Spoon Civic Type R Turbo

Posted: 1 year ago

Photo Credits: Spoon Sports USA

Recently Spoon Sports USA were back at Buttonwillow Raceway Park in their record breaking Super Lap Battle 2008 time attack Civic Type R Turbo, testing new developments they’ve done to the car one of them being the switch to centre seating position. This then lead them to a new rollcage due to safety reasons and apart from that the chassis rigidity was also what was improved.

Dai Yoshihara the race car’s driver adapted well to the centre drive position thanks to his car racing experience in both right and left hand drive. He added that although the seating position may be the biggest change noticed on the eye, he found out that improving the cars rigidity is what he considers was a bigger change for him when driving.


Photo Credits: Spoon Sports USA

Tatsuru Ichishima, President at Spoon Sports stated the fact that they’re constantly improving the car to make it faster but it may not immediately show that but he’s optimistic that it’ll do so in the near future.

“To develop a fast car, power is one thing, but the most important thing to achieve is the best handling!” he added. Tatsuru finished off by saying “If you’re only going straight, power well be everything. But on the track like the one here, handling, braking, and chassis balance become crucial.”

Video Credits: GTChannel